SURGERY FAQs - The Spine Hospital Of Louisiana


Thank you for choosing The Spine Hospital of Louisiana for your spine surgery needs.  The following is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers to help you feel better prepared and more confident as your prepare for your Inpatient Stay.

Tell Your Loved Ones…

Visiting Hours for The Spine Hospital of Louisiana are from 7:30am-9pm daily. To reach someone who is staying overnight in our hospital:

For Patient Rooms (201-220)- Dial (225) 906-4 (plus 3 digit room #)

For Patient Rooms (221-223)- Dial (225) 768-27 (plus last 2 digit room #)

Should you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Pre-Op nursing teams who will be glad to assist you. Our RNs are available to take your calls Monday-Friday 11:30am-5pm (225) 906-4796.


Do I need to bring my home medications with me to the hospital?

  • Yes, you should bring all of your medication with you the day of surgery. Please bring them in the original medication containers.
  • During the pre-operative process, a nurse will collect all of your medications. Your medications will later be returned to you after your Physician has completed your surgery and specified which medications we will need to resumed.
  • Your medications will be returned to you approximately an hour after you arrive on the Inpatient unit.
  • Our pharmacy carries a limited amount of medication. There is a possibility we may not carry one of your particular medications.  In that event, we would need to use your own medications.

How long will I be in the recovery room after my surgery?

  • Once your surgery is completed, you will spend a minimum of one hour in the Recovery room before you are admitted to the Inpatient Unit. During that time, your family will be updated on your progress.

Can someone spend the night with me after my surgery?

  • Only one person may stay over- night with you during your hospitalization.
  • The staff on the Inpatient Unit will provide your guest with the necessary linens.
    The discharge process happens in the morning so it is helpful if the person staying the night is the person who will be driving you home.
  • If you will not have someone staying the night please schedule to have someone here the morning of discharge to take you home as well as hear the discharge instructions.

How many visitors I am allowed?

  • While there is no specific number, please keep in mind that this will be a time of recovery and healing for you.
  • Visitors should be minimized so that you will have the proper time to rest and recover.
  • Any visitor spending the night will need to be over the age of 18.
  • Guest trays are not provided. If you will have visitors staying with you during meal times, they will be responsible for obtaining their own meals.
  • Children under the age of 11 will not be allowed to visit, however; they may stay in the lobby with a supervising adult.

Will you be able to accommodate special dietary needs or restrictions?

  • Our Dietary staff and Chef will work with you to assist with preparing meals appropriate for your dietary restrictions.
  • Advance notice of your dietary restrictions is helpful to allow us ample time to prepare for your stay.
  • During your pre-operative phone interview, please share this information with the nurse that is obtaining your information.

What will my pain control plan be for my procedure?

  • While pain is to be expected post-operatively, our goal is to get your pain to a manageable level. Your plan will depend upon your individual needs and should be discussed with your physician prior to the day of surgery.
  • If you are currently seeing a Pain Management Physician, you must see your Physician prior to surgery to discuss your specific needs post-operatively.
  • Patients seeing a Pain Management Physician will not be given discharge prescriptions from the Neurosurgeon.
  • It is your responsibility to clarify your plan and get your medications filled prior to admission.

Will I see my Physician after the surgery?

  • Your Surgeon will talk to your family immediately after the surgery has been completed to discuss your surgery and plan of care.
  • If you are spending the night in the hospital, a Physician’s Assistant or Nurse Practitioner will see you daily.
  • Unless an emergent situation arises, it is possible that you may be discharged without seeing your Physician.

How soon will I be able to get out of bed after my procedure and can I wear my own clothes after the surgery?

  • This answer varies depending upon your particular surgery but it is best practice to get out of bed and walking as soon as your Physician has deemed it safe.
  • Once you have met certain criteria, you may change into your own clothes if that is your preference.
  • We encourage loose clothing with elastic waist bands and button down shirts for ease of getting dressed.

Will I have to wear a collar or brace after my surgery?

  • The answer varies depending upon your surgery.
  • Some patients will have already been fitted for and received their collar/brace.
  • If you do have a collar/brace, please be sure to bring it with you to the hospital.
  • If you have received a brace or collar in the last five years, your insurance may not pay for you to have a second one.

How long will I be in the hospital before I am ready for discharge?

  • There are certain medical criteria that must be met before you are eligible for discharge.
  • Once you’ve met medical criteria you will be discharged.
  • Your Physician and Nurse will work together to determine when your criteria has been met.

What if I live alone and do not feel comfortable going home when I have met discharge criteria?

  • If you live alone, try to do as much preparation at home prior to your surgery. For example, meals can be cooked and placed in the freezer for ease of preparation. Living alone will not delay your discharge once medical criteria has been met.
  • Depending upon your post-surgery progress, your Physician may order Home Health to come into your home to check on your surgical incision and assist you with Physical Therapy.

How long will the discharge process take?

  • On the day of discharge, your Healthcare provider will need to enter discharge orders into the electronic medical record before your nurse can initiate your discharge packet.
  • Once the orders have been entered into our electronic medical record, it will take approximately 30 minutes for your nurse to complete your packet and review all of your instructions with you.
  • Please keep in mind that this is only an estimate and may vary according to other factors. We will make you as comfortable as possible while you wait.
  • You may want to bring a pillow and blanket with you for the ride home to make you more comfortable.