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The Spine Hospital of Louisiana takes great pride in providing a five-star experience to each and every patient under our care. According to a federal survey administered to all discharged patients, nearly 100% of patients would recommend The Spine Hospital to their family and friends… and here’s why!

“When Dr. Chambliss Harrod recommended spinal surgery to alleviate excruciating lower back pain, I trusted his expert recommendation to undergo a spinal fusion at The Spine Hospital of Louisiana. All of the tremendous things I had heard about this surgical facility didn’t come close to preparing me for an experience that rivals my favorite Gulf Coast resort- The Beau Rivage! From the moment I stepped foot inside The Spine Hospital of Louisiana, I never felt like I was actually in a hospital…It was more like strolling through a family gathering! Every person I encountered from start to finish was kind, caring and helpful. After the nursing staff took the time to explain my entire procedure using terms that I could understand, the anxiety of my very first major surgery wore off an instance. Words cannot describe how much it meant to me as a patient to feel comfortable and in control! My spinal fusion was a success, and so was my time in the recovery room! The nursing staff anticipated every possible want or need, and I NEVER had to push a button for help. It was the type of rest, relaxation and pampering that I enjoy at The Beau Rivage! After discharge, I received not one, not two, but three calls from the nurses who were in charge of my care, who just wanted to make sure I was recuperating well. If for some reason I had to have back surgery, I would return to The Spine Hospital of Louisiana without hesitation. It was excellent, continuous care that I will never forget.”

-MaryEllen Young, Napoleonville, LA

“I had C3-C7 fused at The Spine Hospital of Louisiana. A special thanks to Dr. Eric Oberlander and staff at The Spine Hospital of LA. All staff were courteous and respectful. Something the healthcare industry could use more of given healthcare is a customer based service. Floor nurses were outstanding. They anticipated my needs ahead of time and guided me through some tough moments. A special thanks to Thomas who realized my 6’4″ frame was not fitting in the bed and located and affixed a foot extension on the bed. That act took pressure off my feet pressing on the foot board and decreased my pain tremendously. Typically staff at other hospitals just apologize for not having a large enough bed. No medical professional can guarantee a patient what outcome you will have from a procedure.  My observations at this facility led me to believe my chances of having a positive outcome were greatly aided by using their facility. I did not know Dr. Oberlander before this encounter but some very trusted family and colleagues conveyed to me their experiences with him. He will patiently teach and answer questions if you ask but he has mastered the art of succinctness so as not to overload you with information. Sadly, over the years I have noted decreased quality of care trends in healthcare. It was quite stressful trying to decide who I was going to allow to do my surgery. My experience was nothing but positive. I have been licensed as a Registered Nurse for 28 years so it takes a lot to impress me.  The statements above represent my opinions only as a patient.”

-Alan Travis, RN

“Dr. McCarthy is wonderful! He is clearly passionate about what he does and I would recommend him to anyone I know. He answered all my questions and was very confident and reassuring, which made me feel more comfortable. His staff is great as well. I am so thankful I chose him. His care and years of experience was exactly what I needed! He is an excellent surgeon!”

Elizabeth, Healthgrades.com Review

“Dr. Scrantz and his staff are exceptional! It has been almost 1 year since my Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF) surgery by Dr. Scrantz and I am pain free and often forget I had the surgery!  Excellent care before, during and post-surgery. Highly recommended!”

-Anonymous Online Patient Review

“My mother, Pauline, traveled over 120 miles to have surgery on her painful back. Keep in mind there are physicians in the Alexandria, LA area who are capable of performing the surgery. However, she ultimately decided to go to The Spine Hospital. My father accompanied her during her stay and you took care of his needs also. Dr. Charles Bowie kept my mother safe as he did not perform the back surgery until he had communicated with her other primary care practitioners in Alexandria. Upon arrival, my parents were greeted by bright-eyed, attentive staff. The facility was clean, modern, and not malodorous. The 4:1 patient-to-nurse ratio is WONDERFUL. A registered nurse brought my 73-year-old dad ice cream and graham crackers. That small act of kindness went a long way in my book. She did not know about his severe hip pain he was hiding from everyone. She made him feel better and never even knew it. This facility and staff are examples for others to emulate. I shall sing the praises about your staff and facility!”

-Donald Kendrick, JR, BSN, RN

“I have seen a lot of doctors in the last 20 years for my back. Dr. Scott Soleau by far is the most well-rounded neurosurgeon that I have been treated by. I wish I would have found him a long time ago. He is very thorough and explains everything in detail.”

-Anonymous Online Patient Review

“I still can’t believe that a 45 minute surgery at The Spine Hospital of Louisiana relieved 10 years of debilitating back and leg pain. Laser spine surgery and Dr. Greg Fautheree changed my life! I feel like a brand new woman!”

-Lynn Whitty, Baton Rouge, LA

“My sister had surgery with Dr. Luke Corsten. As scary as it was, he explained everything thoroughly and made us feel important. The surgery was a success and she is back up to her life again. The staff in his office (including his nurse and PA) were amazing as well as the staff at The Spine Hospital of Louisiana. I am very thankful for Dr. Corsten and should anyone ever need a neurosurgeon again, we know where they’d be going!”

-Anonymous Online Review

“Dr. Stanger has the best bedside manner ever. From the moment he walks into the room it is all about me and it doesn’t matter how many questions I ask he has time to answer them. He performed my ACDF surgery Nov. 16 and I have been almost pain-free since. He and his staff are absolutely wonderful and treat you like family!”

-Kimberly J.,. St. Amant, LA

“I drove 6 ½ hours from Mississippi for my spinal fusion surgery at The Spine Hospital with Dr. Chambliss Harrod. This operation is UNREAL in every respect. How can one hospital be so well run?! It’s like a well-oiled machine where everything seems to run so smoothly. Keep up the class act and be very proud of the way you care for patients.”

-–John P., Columbus, MS

“I am totally pleased with the care I received. Before going to the Spine Center and seeing Dr. McCarthy, I could not walk very far without severe pain in my left hip and leg. After receiving his recommended treatment, I was completely pain free. My husband and I were able to enjoy the Caribbean vacation we had planned and hoped for.”

C. TaborVitals.com Review

“This race car lover is back to living life in the fast lane, and it’s all thanks to spine surgery experts like Dr. Charles R. Bowie at The Spine Hospital of Louisiana.”

– Charles “Soody” Olinde, Ventress, LA

“I am extremely pleased with the treatment and the results of my treatment. I was more than just a patient to neurosurgeon,Dr. Horace Mitchell. He had my well-being at heart. I felt that he could not have treated better if I had been his mother. I have great respect his expertise and his competency.”

– Lovenia D., Watson, LA