Pricing Transparency Disclaimer

Important information regarding the use and limitations of our listed standard charges

You have reached the “pricing information” of our website, which is federally-required, as of January 2021.  While we provide this pricing information to comply with federal regulations, please know that Medicare and the healthcare insurance companies have made billing and reimbursement extremely complex.  It is extremely important that you, the consumer, understand the information provided in this section, is only a starting point for estimating what costs you may incur during an episode of care.

Each patient’s financial responsibility may vary.  The actual amount a patient will pay for services, is based on many factors, including their health insurance, benefit plans, other applicable discounts, and the individualized specific services provided, based on each patient’s unique needs.  Although estimates are available at The Spine Hospital of Louisiana (SHOLA) for most scheduled services, numerous factors including those listed above, will dictate the appropriate level of care, which will ultimately depict the patient’s cost for that care.  Again, because the insurance companies have made reimbursement so complex, it is impossible to accurately determine the cost, until the care has actually been provided.  We rarely know exactly how much we will be reimbursed, until the claim is submitted and payment is received.

Other healthcare professionals who provide services in our Hospital, including for example, physicians, anesthesiologists and neuro-monitoring professionals may bill separately for their services.  In addition, some of these providers may or may not be in network with your insurer.  It is your responsibility to confirm and understand out of network status, as well as any out of pocket costs you may have for your services here at the Hospital.

In addition to contacting your insurer, you may contact SHOLA’s Patient Financial Services at (225) 768-2761. In order to obtain the most accurate estimate possible, your insurance information, procedure requested, diagnosis and preferably a physician’s order, are necessary.  SHOLA strives to empower patients to make informed decisions about their healthcare. This includes helping patients understand the cost of their care and the availability of financial aid.

In order to access pricing information, you are acknowledging the following:

I have read and acknowledge the above information, the contextual limitations of SHOLA’s Pricing Information, and recognize that this Pricing Information cannot be used as a single source for determining actual cost to patients, insurers, employers, or other third-parties.  If such single service determination is attempted, this Pricing Information provided will be out-of-context and therefore, incomplete and inaccurate.

As a patient or potential patient, I understand that the standard charges for services provided at SHOLA include hospital services only and does not contain professional fees for physicians and/or other medical services which are not provided by SHOLA.  I also understand that the standard charges do not necessarily represent the amount my insurance company will pay or what I will owe. 

If I am a non-patient or third-party, I acknowledge that I have read and am aware of the above information, and further acknowledge that if I, or my organization republish, post online, or otherwise re-communicate this information to another party and hold-out these standard charges as the sole determining factor in establishing payer cost or patient out-of-pocket responsibility, without providing the contextual limitations described above, I risk misleading the consumers of such information due to the limitations detailed in this disclaimer.  If my intent, or my organization’s intent is to aid a payer or patient in determining actual cost or patient out-of-pocket responsibility, I acknowledge that this intent is most accurately and effectively achieved by recommending that such individuals contact their insurer or SHOLA’s Patient Financial Services at (225) 768-2761.

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