Louisiana’s Premier Destination for Spinal Care

The Spine Hospital of Louisiana at The NeuroMedical Center is a physician-owned, federally-rated FIVE STAR hospital, solely focused on the surgical and non-surgical treatment of the spine. The Spine Hospital of Louisiana is designed to give you access to one of the nation’s top spine care teams to help learn the source of your pain, leading edge spine imaging technology to accurately diagnose your condition, and a facility dedicated entirely to providing the most minimally-invasive surgical and non-surgical treatment options available.  All of these services are conveniently located in one location, giving you peace of mind that our physicians will be there for you every step of the way.

There are MANY reasons why The Spine Hospital is the South’s #1 choice for spine surgery and comprehensive pain management.


Since launching in 2004, The Spine Hospital of Louisiana has been owned and operated by a team of local physicians with a shared mission of delivering world-class spinal care to our patients.


The Spine Hospital of Louisiana is the only hospital on the Gulf Coast to offer minimally-invasive laser and robot-guided spinal surgery.  These cutting-edge technologies offer unique benefits for patients in terms of the smallest incisions and faster recovery time. Procedures are often less than 90 minutes, with most patients able to go home the same day of surgery.


As physician-owned hospital we maintain a disciplined focus on safety and an unwavering commitment to uncompromising patient care, especially when it comes to your comfort and satisfaction. The Spine Hospital of Louisiana maintains a low nurse to patient ratio (4:1) for more personalized care. Our patient hospitality approach starts from the moment you and your loved ones walk through our doors – individualized attention, gourmet cuisine, spacious rooms with modern amenities, and surgical procedures performed by a dedicated group of medical professionals.


The Spine Hospital is one of the only hospitals in the Southern region to consistently earn the Press Ganey Guardian of Excellence Award that recognizes the top 5% of all U.S. hospitals in overall Patient Satisfaction scores. Nearly 100% of our patients recommend our hospital to family and friends.


  • Infection rate of <1 percent (other providers—up to 19 percent)
  • Complication rate of <1 percent (other providers—up to 16.4 percent)

Additionally, The Spine Hospital of Louisiana is the only hospital in the state to receive a perfect five stars in spinal fusion surgery care from Healthgrades.com for 10 straight years! According to Healthgrades’ data, orthopedic, and spine surgery patients who are treated at a five-star hospital are 51-67% percent less likely to experience common post-operative complications.