The Spine Hospital of Louisiana Nurses recognized by the Baton Rouge District Nurses Association

May 4, 2021 3:58 pm
From L to R: Angela Toney, RN, BSN; Claire Elfert, RN; Kristin O'Neal, RN

On Monday May 3rd, the Baton Rouge District Nurses Association recognized 27 nurses with the Celebrate Nursing award. Nurses are nominated for the award by their peers for meeting the following criteria:

  • Encourages the professional development of Nurses and promotes a positive image of nursing.
  • Adheres to standards of Nursing practice, Nursing education, and Nursing services
  • Adheres to the Code of Ethical Conduct for Nurses established by the American Nurses Association.
  • Supports programs and studies in nursing that contribute toward the improvement of health care.
  • Disseminates information relevant to nursing
  • Assumes the advocate role for health care consumers.
  • Represents the nursing profession with allied health groups and other organizations, governmental bodies, and the public.
  • Promotes excellence in nursing by obtaining specialized knowledge, skills, and experience demonstrated by the achievement of standards beyond licensure that are identified by a nursing specialty.

The Spine Hospital of Louisiana is proud to announce that three of our outstanding nurses were awarded the Celebrate Nursing award. Congratulations to Claire Elfert, RN; Kristin O’Neal, RN; and Angela Toney, RN, BSN.

Claire Elfert, RN

Perioperative Department

Years of Practice: 10

Claire Elfert makes a positive impact daily in the care provided to patients in the perioperative area of The Spine Hospital of Louisiana. During the pandemic, Claire took special care to ensure communication between health care team and the patient and family. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and provides continuing education to the staff. She is a mentor to staff and exhibits compassions, empathy, and integrity. Claire is a leader in her area of practice and provides the safest care to patients and shares knowledge with her co-workers. She is respected throughout the hospital for her professionalism, patient advocacy, and commitment to excellence. Claire was recently recognized as “Employee of the Year.”

Kristin O’Neal, RN

Perioperative Department

Years of Practice: 15

Kristin O’Neal is well known at The Spine Hospital of Louisiana for her dedication to excellent patient care and compassion. Kristin’s high ethical standards and clinical expertise make her an excellent mentor for the team. She makes a positive impact in the lives of patients and their families as they transition home after surgery. Kristin served as an advocate for patients and families during COVID-19 because of the restricted visiting policies. She is the first to volunteer for projects that will improve the care of patients or support the team. Kristin is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and encourages other to advance their education.

Angela Toney, RN, BSN

Medical Surgical Inpatient Unit

Years of Service: 29

Angela Toney serves as an expert nurse and mentor for staff in the Medical Surgical Unit at The Spine Hospital of Louisiana. She is knowledgeable and stays current on new procedures and techniques which she shares with the team. Angela is not only tuned into a patient’s physical needs, but their emotional needs. She maintained communication with a patient’s family when they were not allowed into the facility due to COVID-19. She demonstrates compassion for her patients, honoring their wishes with dignity showing her commitment to the Nursing Code of Ethics. She is a patient advocate focused on providing quality care, a safe environment, and making sure the patient’s rights are followed.

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